February 13, 2019

True love is when we care for each other

February is a month of love, especially during Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day - many will celebrate by spending the evening together, along with a rose, box of chocolates, something thoughtful or a fine dinner. These are nice gestures, but let's get back to what is most beautiful about love between two people. Is it the feeling that you have someone with whom you can share all the good things with. It is the feeling of having a true best friend at any time. The truth is, all of these things are love, but true love is where we care for each other, without compromises, from the depths of our hearts to make life more happy and beautiful.

When we feel true love there are situations when we desperately want to help or please our partner, but we cannot find the right solution.

How many times did your man come home tired after a hard day and can no longer stand on his feet, with no energy?After a hard training session, does he get muscle cramps and you just do not know how to help him?

What about when the Mrs comes to 'that’ time of the month... once a month these days come and her hormones go crazy - you'd do anything to stop the pain, but simply do not know how? Or when she suffers from frequent migraines, she is finding it difficult to see, sitting in darkness just so the pain eases a little -  you do not know what to do?

What if there is a solution for these situations?

There is - Be Natur magnesium chloride.

The lack of magnesium, the most important mineral responsible for over 300 reactions in the human body, leads the body to a state of the Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency is the cause of the above mentioned problems and by adding magnesium with a regular diet, the symptoms will slowly disappear, and your partner will feel better and more energetic.

Be Natur is a high purity magnesium in liquid form with high absorption rate that is easily applied to skin by spraying at a place of pain or problems. When feeling of heavy legs or muscle cramps occurs spray Be Natur onto the legs, with migraines at the neck and temples area (avoid spraying into the eyes) and in menstrual pain spray to the area of the abdomen and lower back. By everyday use of Be Natur magnesium your body will not be in state of deficit and therefore the problems will disappear eventually.


Because of Valentine's Day we want to share to love... we decided to give 20% discount for all those in love. Give your partner Be Natur magnesium and show how much you care about them.


Our Valentine's Day Tip

Back massage with Be Natur magnesium chloride with a note of romantic music.


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