march 31, 2019

Mother's Day - remember we care for each other

From the moment you first opened your eyes and took your first breath, there was an unknown, new and very special bond between you and your mother. That unbreakable relationship between you and her that will last a lifetime. She will always be there, even when she's not physically there, she'll worry about you and will do everything for you. She raised you when you fell down, prepared you for the world and she'll always be someone to rely on. But as time goes by, she's getting older and more tired. YOU now need to be her support. It's time for YOU to care for her, as she has always done for YOU.


Did you know that magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and also most important for proper human body functioning. As people get older it becomes harder to absorb magnesium. Elderly people represent an emerging high risk group for nutritional deficiencies. A magnesium deficit in the elderly can occur due to inadequate nutrient intakes, multiple drug use, or altered gastrointestinal function. Magnesium deficiency is a risk factor for elderly people and older women may be at risk of magnesium deficiencies and should pay special attention to obtaining plenty of this mineral.


Be Natur magnesium chloride is perfect for these people, not only because of its high quality but also because it applies on the skin for better absorption thanks to its micromolecular water structure. This way, the digestive system is avoided and magnesium can rapidly enter into to cells where it is most needed.

We at Be Natur know how much you care about your mother, so for this special occasion we're giving special Mother’s Day 20% discount that you can get with promotional code.


Promotional code* for Amazon is: mumstheword


*Enter your promotional code when you finish shopping on Amazon to get a 20% discount on Be Natur Magnesium (image down below). The promotional code refers to an unlimited number of Be Natur magnesium bottles and can be used up to Sunday 31.03.19 at midnight.

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