january 17, 2019

How can you stop migraine

in the root?

Migraines or severe headaches are a problem for many people today, but they can be stopped and prevented by using magnesium. First, look for the causes of migraine. Classic migraine triggers, taught at medical schools, are due to the consumption of cheese, chocolate, coffee and red wine. However, the practice shows that the consumption of grain-containing foods causes the migraine pain more frequently. Why grain? Grain containing foods dramatically reduce magnesium level in serum .


Scientific studies have confirmed that the lack of magnesium is the most common reason for migraine. There are several reasons why the lack of magnesium can trigger a migraine attack. Magnesium deficiency can lead to narrowing of the blood vessels. The constriction and cramping of the blood vessels in the head area cause migraine attacks. Taking magnesium on daily basis will reduce bad vein changes and help the body avoid migraines. Similarly, the balance of serotonin depends on magnesium. The lack of serotonin in the human body can lead to migraines, headaches and depression.


If you want to get rid of migraine and relieve the symptoms of PMS, we recommend increasing your daily magnesium intake. Be Natur Magnesium chloride is the fastest and most effective way to increase the magnesium content due to its high transdermal absorption through the skin and thus to relieve and even prevent migraine and headaches.


The transdermal use of Be Natur Magnesium Chloride supplements your cells without straining the stomach and without causing a laxative effect. In this way, you enable your organism to bring magnesium by the quickest route to the cells where it is most needed and to use it fully in its bioavailability.


Be Natural Magnesium Chloride users confirm that local spraying on the pain site and the cervical vessels causes the headache to disappear and migraine loses intensity with as many as 5 to 10 sprayers. Users who take Be Magnesium Magnesium Chloride daily report that after a few months of use no more migraine occurs. The migraine is stopped before it starts. Convince yourself. You will not be disappointed.


Our recommendation for use of Be Natur Magnesium chloride in migraine:

- 25 sprayers a day on the whole body (legs, arms, stomach)

- Daily 5 to 10 sprayers on the pain site and on the neck vessels

- Please note that after spraying, you should massage the Be Natur Magnesium Chloride on the skin until it is completely absorbed


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