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Can be used dermal and oral.


the master mineral

Magnesium is the most important mineral for human body. It is responsible for over 300 different human body reactions.

Magnesium as mineral fully supports:

  • Blood sugar balance (normal operation of pancreas and insulin production)
  • Optimal circulation and blood pressure (flexible veins)
  • Cellular energy production (transport of oxygen to cells)
  • A calm nervous system
  • Pain relief and relaxed muscles (more energy and cessation of muscle cramps)
  • Bone density and calcium balance (reducing the high level of calcium)
  • Joints and ligament flexibility (prevention of calcification)
  • Deep sleep patterns and much more...


supplement magnesium?







1. Decreased amount of vitamins and minerals in food over the time


The amount of vitamins and minerals has decreased significantly in food due to ecological changes, namely acid rains, artificial fertilizers and soil depletion during last 100 years.

*Comparison of decreased magnesium over the time in apple and tomato

2. Lifestyle

3. Stress

Speed of todays way of living is reason why there is less time for quality food preparation and getting less quality groceries. Because of this we very often take junk food that is poor with minerals and vitamins.

In stressful situations human body is using more vitamins and minerals than in normal situations - body has bigger needs.

Our mission at Be Natur

was to create product that delivers magnesium to human body with biggest absorption in fastest possible way using only natural raw materials.






Be Natur

Magnesium Chloride

High body absorption

90% dermal use

40% oral use


Magnesium chloride is found in all body fluids and it is the best chemical compound for cellular absorption and it has the best absorption rate amongst all other forms of magnesium (oxide, citrate,...) that are usually taken orally.


Only best raw materials are used for Be Natur magnesium chloride production. Results of this is 100% pharmaceutical purity and reason why it can be used oral and dermal in same time.


Skin is the biggest organ in human body and it can absorb much more magnesium directly and faster than  magnesium taken orally. Magnesium taken orally is having big loss in absorption because of digestive system.

Special water treatment

Be Natur Magnesium Chloride is produced using micromolecular water structure based on our newest technology with which we managed to achieve even better transdermal absorption and high purity compared to magnesium oils or magnesium with regular water solutions.


Molecular particles of Be Natur Magnesium Chloride are optimised for entry in body cell.

Local use

Because Be Natur Magnesium Chloride is in liquid form and we achieved biggest transdermal absorption it can be sprayed on point of pain or body problem (legs, back, headache,...). In this way magnesium can react fast and direct where it is most needed.

Be Natur







Magnesium is most important mineral for best athletic performance. It maintains optimal muscle contraction, skeletal strength and cellular energy production, helping to sustain high oxygen consumption. A lot of magnesium is lost through sweat and it can lead to muscle cramps, injuries and slower recovery.

Be Natur Magnesium Chloride is complementing loss of magnesium  immediately and direct because of its unique water treatment that allows big transdermal absorption allowing the muscles to recover much faster and natural.

Be Natur Magnesium chloride is on the Kölner liste®


The Kölner liste® publishes products that have been tested for anabolic steroids and stimulans by a worldwide leading laboratory for doping supstances in NEM analysis.


You can check it on official Kölner liste® website by clicking here.



By everyday using of Be Natur Magnesium Chloride, athletes have reported that they feel more energetic, their recovery time is shorter and muscle cramps are gone during high intesity.

 Croatian national football team

  • How to use Be Natur?  ▾

    Recommended daily dosage:

    25 sprays contain minimum of 165mg Magnesium (55% *RDA)

    For better result divide 25 sprays into multiple daily spraying (eg. 13 sprays in the morning and 13 sprays before going to sleep)

    For kids cut spraying from 25 to 10-15 sprays daily.

    *RDA - recommended dietary allowances, the daily dietary intake level of nutrient for adults


    Spray it directly on your skin and massage until it completely absorbs. Area of spraying should be concentrate on muscles, joints, belly and point of concern (head, back,...).

    Avoid spraying into eyes.

    Best to use it on clean skin, ideal after showering.

    You can use it oral because of its purity. It is less absorbed than in transdermal use because of digestive system but it is great for inflammation of dental flesh or sore throat.

    Additionally for athletes and active persons:

    For better performance spray it before your training, competition or another activity and for better recovery spray it after.

    You can raise your daily intake of spraying because your body is using more magnesium than regular.

  • Frequently asked questions  ▾

    Why do I feel tingle after applying Be Natur magnesium to my skin?

    If you have magnesium deficiency and magnesium levels are low on cellular level in your body, by applying Be Natur magnesium on your skin your body is absorbing magnesium so rapidly through skin that it can cause the tingle feel. This is nothing to worry about and it is completely normal reaction, it is not an allergic reaction.

    As your magnesium levels are going to increase during the time of using Be Natur the tingle feel will decrease and disappear eventually.

    If tingle feel is too strong for you we recommend to use smaller amount on single area, spray it on whole body in smaller amount couple times a day keeping the daily intake recommendation.

    Can I overdose with Be Natur magnesium chloride?

    You can't overdose with Be Natur when using it over the skin. But if you are using it orally it can cause laxative effect because of digestive system if daily intake is bigger than recommended due to it that magnesium is natural relaxant.

    Increased intake of magnesium cannot cause toxic symptoms as the body eliminates excess amounts, unless there are serious problems with kidney function.

    Can Be Natur magnesium chloride be used during pregnancy?

    Yes. Magnesium should be required supplement for pregnant women. It is very important for both mother and child during this time. It also  have a role in embryo development and alleviates premature contractions.

    Magnesium is most important in last trimester of pregnancy because low level of magnesium is then most evident in mother as the fetus is using most magnesium at the time.

    There are no restrictions with dosage level of Be Nature magnesium chloride during pregnancy time.

    Is it safe for children?

    Yes. Human body needs magnesium everyday and because of its purity and absorption it is recommended to use it daily as dietary supplement.

    Only the dosage should be changed to following:

    1 spray for every 3 kilograms (eg. 20 kg = 7 sprays daily)

    Are there any contraindication if I am using medication?

    If you are taking antibiotic you should take magnesium at least 4 hours after taking your antibiotic.

    In other cases there are no contraindications with medications while using Be Natur magnesium chloride.

    Can I use Be Natur magnesium by anxiety and panic attacks?

    Be Natur magnesium helps keep adrenal stress hormones under control .

    Can I use magnesium by asthhma?

    Yes. Both histamine production and bronchial spasms are decreasing with magnesium so it is recommended using Be Natur magnesium chloride by asthma.

    Can I use Be Natur magnesium chloride if I have problems with blood clots?

    Yes. Magnesium place an important role in preventing blood clots and keeping the blood thin without any side effects.




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